ZELT brands

The ZELT company till 2017 had rights for production under the ACC and ZEL brands. Now production is carried out only under the ZEL brand.

Innovations and reliability — a key to world leadership in the field of development and production of compressors.

The history of a brand totals more than 50 years. Throughout all existence production of a brand differed in high reliability, novelty and quality. Distinctive feature of the ACC compressors is the low noise level, high efficiency and a wide range of performance data of a product.


ZEL (Zanussi Elettromeccanica) — a quality assurance in combination with the latest development in the field of development and production of compressors.

ZEL younger brand (since 1993), but already proved not only in the territory of the People’s Republic of China, but also  around the world. For many years ZEL admitted the leader in release of high-quality compressors China and was repeatedly noted by various awards of the Chinese and foreign companies.