New development of JSC ZEL-RUS

New development of JSC ZEL-RUS

Scientifically technical center JSC ZEL-Rus finished development of a series of energetically effective terrace household and commercial refrigerators with a low sound power intended for operation both in the countries with a temperate climate, and in tropical climatic zones at a temperature of air up to 60 degrees Celsius in not conditioned rooms and in the open air on the basis of specially developed series of tight refrigerating compressors with the built-in liquid   cooling system.

Refrigerators are executed in the tight moisture-proof threw – plastic cases with thermal insulation.

For ensuring safe operation of refrigerators at operation on the street and low noise level all electric units and units of the refrigerator of these refrigerators, including the compressor, are structurally removed in thermal insulation.

The refrigerator of this terrace refrigerator consists of the special tight compressor with the built-in liquid cooling system, innovative system the drosseliruyushchikh of elements, the standard filter of a dehumidifier, evaporators of cameras of cooling, preliminary and main condensers.

Cooling of the main and preliminary condensers located on lateral external walls of a refrigerating case is carried out by natural static air convection.

Cooling of the tight compressor is carried out automatically, own built-in system of liquid cooling of the compressor which isn’t demanding any additional natural convection or compulsory external ventilating cooling. Cooling is carried out at the expense of a patent method of heat removal from the compressor elements heated in the course of work in the preliminary condenser.

High vibration acoustic characteristics of the developed refrigerators on the basis of the compressor with cooling are an important indicator of competitiveness of these products. They are realized in the form of a complex of the technical solutions allowing to reduce the noise level of refrigerators at the expense of the additional systems of sound insulation which became possible to application, a sound absorption and muffling of a sound.